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Calf Cow Birthing Trolley | BIA-01

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It is no longer difficult to give birth, which is one of the most difficult and risky jobs in animal husbandry. With the delivery car, you can easily give birth by yourself. Birth in cow farming is a breeder’s nightmare. Because birth is an event that requires strength and help as well as skill. When power and strength are needed when giving birth to a cow – the one who gets entangled with excitement-
Veterinarians do not want to go to the birth because the assistant or assistants cannot do the procedure on time.

We take people to the hospital or maternity home for birth, but there is no such place to take cows.
Even the happiness of rescuing the mother and calf after hours of birth, the excuses made up by the helpers to avoid help in another birth fills an encyclopedia of humor. Even the butchers, who are supposed to be the hardest-hearted butchers, make up childish excuses to avoid giving birth.
Even those who pull the calf with a tractor were seen in Anatolia because they could not find helpers.

The date and time of birth are unknown. In our country where free veterinary practice is not developed, our small and economically weak breeder does not have much money to give to veterinarians.
The breeder, who feels the labor pains of the animal that will give birth in his heart as much as the animal, begs his neighbor for help and tries to do it himself. Sometimes it succeeds, sometimes there are events where the mother is lost as well as the calf.

The first birth of a human or animal mother is often risky.
But sometimes animals that make even the fourth birth difficult are very common. Even if we look at the issue only from an economic point of view, we believe that we will be beneficial to our country’s livestock with the cow delivery vehicle, which we call the YARDIMCI birthing car, which is worth half the money of each rescued calf.
However, in order to prevent the deaths of cows and calves in childbirth as soon as possible, it is necessary to ensure that the livestock villages have at least one HELPER.

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