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What is Travay?

This machine is a unique product that makes life easier for farmers. It is necessary for professional care to process with the help of travay, which is an effective method in maintenance times when cows need to be stationary. By obtaining general information about Travay, detailed usage and features of the product can be learned.

Among the usage areas of trava;

  • Nail care
  • Seeding
  • Cesarean section surgeries
  • There are pharmaceutical applications.

With this product, which enables the treatment and care of the cows without being disturbed, the maintenance period of the farmer is shortened. The shortening of the maintenance period of the cows enables the farmer to profit from the labor force.
This system, which enables cows to be prepared for treatment and care without exerting physical effort, enables cows to be observed in all aspects.

Reliable Material

As GNC company, we use the best quality products in our productions.

High Production

As GNC company, we have a high production capacity to meet the demands of our customers.

High Quality

We have been producing high quality machines and products since 2001.

High Efficiency

The machines and products we produce increase the production of your animals noticeably.

Reasonable Price

Every product we have produced since 2001 is at the most affordable prices for farmers and those who do this business.

Reliable Seller

As GNC company, we attach importance to the trust of people in us, and we show this to individuals by giving importance to every sale we make.

Our Travay Models We Manufacture

Please find below the travay models we manufacture. You can click on them to check all details easily.

Advantages of Travay Use

This product, which is among the sine qua non of farming life;

  • It is an effective method in creating a comfortable treatment and care process for the farmer and the cow.
  • It is suitable for use for all cow species. This feature is a great advantage for farmers who own different types of cows.
  • Easy to install and use, no extra effort or knowledge is needed.

This product, which enables farmers with a large number of animals to carry out their farming operations comfortably, is sold in the market with reasonable price advantages.
This product is very suitable for taking advantage of technology while struggling with the difficulties of farming life and facilitating cow care with the advantages of technology. With the advantages of using the tramway, the difficulties experienced in cow care are eliminated.

Why Choose Us?

Travay Manufacturers; Thanks to the travails designed with the support of technology, it is possible to transform farming operations into a comfortable life style. You can have detailed information about the use of this product by meeting with the Travay manufacturers.
When collecting information about Travay prices, the quality standards of this product must be investigated. Travays produced using quality materials are among those expected to make the farmer’s life easier for many years. While researching this product, which is in different price ranges, the price-performance relationship should be taken into account.
You can enjoy unconditional quality and satisfaction by choosing the products of companies that have been in this sector for many years and have always stood by the farmer with the products they produce.


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