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What is Milk Analyzers?

Milk analyzer; It is an analysis device that provides the measurement of parameters such as density, fat, solid matter (SNF), protein, lactose, additional water, temperature, freezing point, Ph, conductivity of the milk sample. This can be done immediately after milking, during harvest or during processing. Milk analyzers,
It is suitable for use in farms and milk collection centers. It is also suitable for use in milk collection devices with 12V adapters. Milk analyzers are indispensable for milk testing laboratories that provide sensitive results with a very small milk sample in 60 seconds without the need for any consumables. By evaluating general information about milk analysis devices, these systems are used to protect the special nutritional values of milk. Therefore, testing of nutritional values and quality control is of great importance. This must be taken into account in the dairy industry, large or small.
It can be said that analysis is a must especially at points where it is kept in unhygienic environments and the temperature is not observed. Therefore, they are involved from production to operation. By taking a milk sample; It is also known that it is necessary to measure parameters such as density, solids, fat, nutritional value. Thanks to milk analyzers, With a very small milk sample taken within 60 seconds, highly accurate results can be obtained. In this respect, it is possible to say that they have become indispensable for laboratories. Measurements can be made immediately after milking. While using these devices, you can print your results if you wish. By connecting the printer to the analyzers,
You can output the results.

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Our Milk Analyzers Models We Manufacture

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Why is the Milk Analyzers Used?

The advantages of milk analyzers can of course be said to be substantial in the food industry. They are very suitable for use in farms and milk collection centres. In addition, they can be easily used in milk collection trucks through adapters. They are very practical as no side materials are required.
The factors that make the use of milk analyzers advantageous are as follows;

  • They can directly measure cold milk samples at minus degrees.
  • They can be used without the need for periodic calibration.
  • Measurement accuracy is demonstrated regardless of the acidity of the milk.
  • They can perform all kinds of milk analysis.
  • With the ultrasonic measurement system, without the use of additional chemicals, accurate measurement can be made.
Why Choose Us?

Milk Analyzers Manufacturer;  Our factory, which is in the sector for the measurement of important parameters in milk, prefers safe, fast and durable technologies as a manufacturer of milk analysis devices. We manufacture these devices, which are used to achieve precise results, by collecting the right samples and to obtain safe results. Businesses operating in the dairy sector, works with analyzers to produce permanent solutions to quality-related problems. We offer qualified devices to those who want to reach the essential protein, fat and moisture values by making chemical analyzes quickly. Our analyzers, which are very necessary in order not to slow down the process, It can perform chemical analyzes that can take hours by saving time. We play an effective role in large, medium or small businesses in making analyzes at low costs and creating a roadmap. Thus, we ensure to prevent financial losses.


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