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GNC Milking Machines for Cows

As GNC Milking Machines for Cows Manufacturer, we have been producing and selling more than 100 products worldwide since 2001 in order to produce the best quality, hygienic and easy-to-use milking machines for our farmers and to increase the efficiency of our farmers livestock.

About GNC

We Manufacture The Best Milking Machines for cows

Our company serves in the dairy milking machines, agricultural equipment and agricultural machinery sector. Established in 2001, our company has nearly 20 years of experience in the sector, our production capacity based on innovative technologies, and our engineering skills we have developed to solve problems in the field of agriculture, agriculture, milking machinery and equipment, We provide services to our customers in all installation and commissioning works.

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GNC Milking Machines

What is a Milking Machine?

General information about milking machines is important in every dairy region. The reason for this is the necessity of paying attention to hygiene and animal health during the milking process. The place of clean milking is indisputable for businesses that want to obtain quality milk.
The fact that the basic point is to create hygienic conditions is also related to the cleaning of the udders of the animals. Today, this is achieved by the use of machinery. Especially for large enterprises, milking by saving time and manpower is possible thanks to machines. Designs of milking machines, according to the calf’s natural sucking of its mother. There are some differences between milking machines. Single or multiple milking machines are preferred and the ones suitable for the needs are used. In addition, fixed or portable ones are offered to the user. We can briefly summarize the milking process as the milking head is attached to the cow’s udder, the machine draws milk from the cow’s udder and fills it into the milk container. As GNC Milking Machines manufacturer, we produce the most sterile and high quality milking machines.

Why choose us for milking machines?

We are manufacturing dairy milking machines for more than 20 years with the latest technology, hygienic materials and experienced team.

Our Vision

To be a global brand in the field of agriculture and agriculture, machinery and systems, especially milking machines and systems.

Our Mission

To provide the best engineering, production, machinery, system, project, installation and technical services needed by the industry in terms of milking machines, systems and agricultural equipment.

Leading Manufacturer of Milking Machines for Cows

As a manufacturer of milking machines, our factory offers technological designs suitable for the needs of dairy farmers. With its high-quality milking equipment, it increases the quality even more in this sense. Our machines, which comply with safety, health and environmental conditions, are suitable for businesses and dairy farmers worldwide.
An important factor in increasing profits in dairy farming will be to purchase a high quality milking machine. Knowing well that poor milking causes loss of milk, we use technology that can ensure that the profits from dairy farming do not decrease.
You can prevent the loss of the most productive animals in the herd due to disease by using our milking machines, and at the same time, you can avoid veterinary and drug costs.

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Milking Machines for cows

Countries We Export

As GNC dairy milking machine manufacturer, we export milking machines to all continents and more than 20 countries in the world. On the Map below, you can see 20 of the countries we export to.



United States of America











United Kingdom



South Korea


Democratic Republic of Congo



testimonials for our machines

Maia Driscoll
    Maia Driscoll

    Milk Lovers

    I know that the taste of milk can change in proportion to the materials of which milking machines are made. No substance is dissolved in the milk produced by GNC and milked with these machines, and its taste is not spoiled.

    Hashim Nelson
      Hashim Nelson

      Milk Lovers

      The machines that GNC produces, as well as the animal comfort products produced along with it, are really great. In a short time, there was an increase in the milk yield of our animals.

      Ishaq Ellison
        Ishaq Ellison

        Milk Lovers

        Milking machines provide a lot of convenience to us both in terms of hygiene and in terms of workforce, so I would like to thank GNC officials and employees.

        Allina Fernison
          Allina Fernison


          As a mother and dietitian, I recommend milk and dairy products to both my children and my patients. I consider the milk produced by GNC and milked with these machines to be superior in terms of both hygiene and quality. I make my children drink the milk expressed by these machines without any worries.

          GNC milking systems

          Advantages of Milking Machines for Cows

          Considering the advantages of milking machines for cows, it can be said that it is necessary for a more modern and faster process. The advantages of using these machines can be evaluated as follows;

          • Thanks to the machines, correct milking is done and high efficiency is obtained from this process.
          • During this period, the bacteria in the milk obtained is at a minimum level.
          • Machine milking is completed within 3-5 minutes.
          • Great savings are achieved in labor.
          • Transactions performed by more than one person are carried out in a very short time.
          • The financial burden on the employer is reduced with these machines.
          • With machines that can milk more than one cow, the time allocated for milking is reduced.
          • Incorrect milking can endanger animal health and cause diseases such as mastitis.
          • With machines, correct and regular milking can be done.
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          Thanks to the dairy milking machines we manufacture, you can achieve a real and visible increase in both your milk production and the comfort of your animals.